A Ballet Muscle Conditioner?

Ballet Dancers require lower body muscle strength, stamina and flexibility. They need a significant amount of core strength to stabilize the body during pirouettes, arabesques and explosive power to execute sautés and jetés. Dominating a considerable flexibility and extensive range of motion, especially in the back, hips and ankles is also required.

Unfortunately, all these requirements are the reason why injury is a ghost that’s always haunting ballet dancers. Injuries are prevalent for a variety of reasons, including lack of proper warm up, repetitive jumping, poor alignment and faulty technique. 

Biomechanical imbalances, including poor core strength and weak eccentric leg muscles are also to blame.

Regular stretching is the method commonly used, but sometimes the stretches can be aggressive and won’t workout completely all the necessary musculoskeletal structures. You will always find the best solution by working on the core of the problem; and strengthening your muscles instead of just stretching them is the most effective solution because it prevents injury from happening in the first place. 

And... What’s the best method to strengthen your muscles?

The BMC is a bodybuilding strap that helps you properly develop the musculature of the abs, quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, lumbar, dorsal and cervical muscles using eccentric force, in other words, it strengthens the muscle through the stretching of its fibers.

Using the BMC to perform eccentric muscle stretching exercises will help you in decontracting and gaining flexibility. Because the contraction you make with the BMC is mainly eccentric, it creates a greater muscular tension that results in more muscular strength.

This product is commonly used by professional athletes that require a high muscular demand and need to prevent injuries by any means. We have adapted many exercises for the BMC targeting the workout of key muscles and strengthening them, in order for the ballet dancer to fully develop his maximum artistic potential.

The BMC is made of premium materials, its comfortable and soft to the touch, yet firm and sturdy. The BMC strap offers optimal resistance and great stability, never loosing its shape, rip or fray. It can hold up 300 lbs.

At KUVANA, we are aware of the impact the pandemic has had on our dancing community. We want to help, therefore, we have decided that proceeds from the sales of the BMC will be donated back to professionals in the dancing community.

You can help too and to thank you for your $125 donation, you will receive a KUVANA logoed BMC and free access to a virtual class where you can learn how to use it alongside with an exclusive video of all our adapted BMC exercises. 

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