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KUVANA Welcomes New Artistic Board Member, Iñaki Urlezaga.

Kuvana is delighted to welcome one of Latin America’s best Principal Dancers to our Artistic Board.

We are honored to count with the talent and international experience of someone like Iñaki, for sure he will be an excellent coach in the artistic development of our young dancers. It is essential for young dancers to have a role model, one that can share experiences and give them advice in the pursuit of a professional dancing career, but also one that can remind them the dream can become real. Iñaki Urlezaga was the winner of the Maria Ruanova’s award as best Argentinian dancer in 2003. Iñaki became famous for his role in the musical video by Michael Bolton with Raul Di Blasio titled “El día que me quieras” / “The Day You Loved Me”. Iñaki founded the Argentinean National Ballet at the request of the Presidency of the country in 2013.


Here are some of Inaki’s  acclaimed choreography works:

Here are some of Iñaki’s awards throughout his international career:

  • First special award in the Latin American competition of Ballet (1990), Silver medal at the International Ballet competition in Paris (1992).
  • Medal and three special mentions at the International Ballet competition of Moscow (1993), first prize in the arts and in The Sciences of Coca-Cola (1994).
  • Best dancer of the year, awarded by the critics of Mexico (1999).
  • Critics Circle Dance Awards 2000 – Best Male Dancer of the Year 2000/2001. Foundation Award Konex (2002).
  • María Ruanova ́s Award to the best Argentinian dancer (2003).
  • Critic ́s Circle Dance Awards 2004.
  • Best MaleDancer of the year 2004 (2005).
  • Les Etoiles de Ballet 2000. Cannes (2006).
  • Positano Award 2006 prize to Excellence, in Italy.

Thanks again to this amazing dancer for joining our Kuvana family. We’re excited about working alongside Iñaki on the artistic development of our future dancers and the preservation of Classical Ballet.

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