Liliana Vinueza


Liliana took her first dancing steps at the age of 4 with Stella Carrillo, the very first classic ballerina in her native Colombia who was alumni of the renowned Russian ballet dancer Kiril Pikieris. She received formal ballet education at the Gloria Lozano Academy and the Priscilla Welton Ballet Company. Her professional preparation consolidated in Cuba with the Camagüey Ballet under the direction of Fernando Alonso and Regina Balaguer.

Over time her dancing career expanded to include Latin Dance, and soon thereafter, teaching and staging her own contemporary dance productions. Liliana developed the artistic curriculum for the Montessori British School in Bogota, Colombia, where she established, taught & led the artistic department for 7 years. In 2008, Liliana was motivated to establish her own dance school, Performance Dance Studio in Bogota.

Liliana believes that dancing breeds discipline, perseverance and tolerance. Team-work is heightened to new levels as is self-esteem. Taking this as the basis for her vision, she created a program to form well rounded artists where the student maximizes his/her time learning and developing broader and incremental skills. She believes these broader skills allow the student to eventually take part in the scenic art world, mixing a wide range of genres, dance styles, acting and voice management.

This broad preparation is what affords the students the opportunity to take part of any artistic company while at the same time developing into an integral human being. Her studio brought hundreds of children, teenagers and adults to the magical world of the arts, dancing and acting from 2008 till closing in winter of 2016 when she relocated to South Florida. Liliana authored, choreographed & staged full length productions such as Steps, El Juguetero, Treasures of the Ocean, Frank y la Jugueteria Magica & Around the World, among others.

After the untimely end of her dancing career due to knee injuries, Liliana took special interest in researching how to prevent injury in dancers, dedicating over 17 years and passionate effort in research and putting into practice several techniques to ensure dancers will extend their career by avoiding ‘preventable’ injury. In 2016, Liliana became certified and licensed in the renowned International program PBT, Progressing Ballet Technique, which is the ultimate collection of exercises that develop muscle memory, enhance dancer technique and extend longevity in dance.

Liliana actively contributed to the Cuban Classical Ballet of Miami School as Ballet Mistress including with the International Ballet Festival of Miami. She is also being a visiting ballet teacher for California’s Bay Area schools where she has taught PBT, Progressive Ballet Technique as a key element of the regular ballet program. The Bay Area schools include Nor Cal Dance Arts, Xtreme Force Dance Company, San Jose Dance Theater, Rachel’s Ballet, among others where she also coaches dancers for YAGP competitions.

Currently, Liliana is the artistic director at the Kuvana Foundation where she built a world-wide team of dance professionals who together form the Foundation’s Artistic Board aimed at finding and supporting young ballet talent, both financially and with individualized coaching, to help them reach their personal best.