Oscar Chacón



Cali, Colombia.


Incolballet (Colombian Institute of classical ballet); Rudra Bejart School, Lausanne (Graham technique; Indian dance; African dance and Flamenco including other disciplines, theatre, kendo, singing and percussion. His teachers included Carolyn Carlson, Mayra Woodruff, Sabitri Savati, Chantala Savati, Azary Plisetsky and Michele Gascard English National Ballet This marks his debut with the Company.


At the invitation of Maurice Béjart he performed at Hamburg Ballet’s 30th Anniversary Gala and in 2004 entered the Béjart Ballet, Lausanne performing with the Company for 12 years. Principal roles and ballets included; Phoenix in Firebird; Tristan and Isolde; Ansi parlait Zarathustra; Song of a Wayfarer; Dionysio; 7 Danses Grecques; Dialogue de l’Ombre Double; Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9; The Rite of Spring; Ballade de la rue Athina; Stravinsky; Heliogabale; Bakthi; La Mort du Tambour; and Parsifal including works by Tony Fabre and Gil Roman. Oscar has also appeared at the Memorial to Gianni Versace; Serata homaggio a Béjart; 30th and 31st World Ballet Festivals, Tokyo; Nureyev’s Gala, 2014; Stuttgart Ballet Gala with Friedemann Vogel and the Ave Maya Gala at the Bolshoi.

Other info

This year Oscar was awarded a BALLET2000 prize (awarded to dancers who have shone with major international companies) at the Palais des Festivals, Cannes 2016.